Why Choose GoInformatics?

  • Industry Leader in Scientific Cloud Platform Solutions

    Our cloud platform is designed to successfully manage cadaveric tissue, medical education events, bioskills laboratories, research and development and contract research. GoInformatics’ flexible platform solutions include project management, electronic notebooking, resource management and inventory tracking functionality. Our platform keeps your data centralized, accessible, and secure to help you make better business decisions.

    The GoInformatics platform is built with state-of-the-art technology to optimize data capture, organization, collaboration, and querying thus turning your information into meaningful business analytics. Our cloud technology solutions enable our clients to enjoy a speedy implementation and save money in related hardware and IT costs.
  • Accessibility

    Our platform can be accessed via modern browsers on notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. No matter where you are located, your entire team can access real-time data.
  • Collaboration

    Our platform architecture was designed to promote collaboration within your organization. Whether you have a singular team or a large geographically dispersed enterprise, key decision makers can quickly access and assess account data in real-time.
  • Compliance

    The GoInformatics platform maintains a complete audit trail of all user activity, while preventing data loss. Additionally, real-time backups, full data redundancy, and disaster recovery procedures are included in the subscription.
  • Experience

    We have an experienced development and implementation team with more than half a century of software development expertise in addition to an accomplished and distinguished advisory board.
  • Flexibility

    We understand that corporations may have several unique workflows within their organization. The GoInformatics platform can be configured to accommodate simple to complex workflows allowing each of your team members to take ownership of their data contributions.
  • Resource Management

    GoInformatics not only tracks key inventory items (such as cadaveric tissue, staff, labs, samples, and equipment) but also allows you to allocate those resources to specific projects. The management of these resources enable your team to oversee related project costs in one comprehensive system.
  • Service Expertise

    We provide project management expertise for the design and implementation of Policies & Procedures, Good Lab Practices (GLP), as well as guidance for FDA and Tax Audit processes.
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