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The GoInformatics cloud platform allows clients to focus on their business objectives rather than their technology solution. In combining the following functionality, GoInformatics provides a robust system to manage and organize your operation.

Resource Management System

Our platform enables our clients to account for important project resources and their respective costs. The GoInformatics platform can help you assess laboratory, staff, equipment or cadaveric tissue utilization to gain greater insights into your business practices.

  • Reserve pertinent project or event inventory
  • Link experiments to inventory items
  • Keep track of budget vs actual inventory costs on a project
  • View upcoming events and resources in a calendar format
  • Assign staff to support projects or events
  • Track your inventory items by geographic location
  • Manage inventory change of custody

Project Management

Our platform is designed around robust project management features which include:

  • Collaboration: Easily access projects and collaborate more efficiently within your organization. On average, our clients experience productivity increase of over 30% in the first year
  • Powerful Project Analytics: Keep track of key metrics, milestones, and tasks
  • Advanced Querying Capabilities: Quickly find and display the information that you are seeking or export information to Excel for additional analysis
  • Enhanced Communication: No matter which role or title you hold in your company, communicate more efficiently by utilizing our in-app message and notification systems to keep all communication centralized and contextualized
  • Document Management: Organize all project, event, or program related documents, regardless of file type
  • Security and Accountability: Our platform automatically generates a detailed audit log of all account activities so that your data is always traceable and easily restored
  • Reporting: Optimize internal and regulatory reporting. Navigate FDA, tax, and other audits with ease and confidence

Electronic Lab Notebook

When we designed our electronic notebooking system, we purposefully removed unnecessary and complicated features. Instead, we implemented a handsome, efficient, and agile ELN that provides an organization with the necessary tools needed to capture their data and easily share their findings with their team members.

  • Collect all information in electronic format.
  • Create predefined SOPs or formats for data entry ease.
  • Configure data capture templates with pertinent data fields.
  • Insert graphs, images, and results information directly.
  • Attach raw data files and other supporting documentation.
  • Associate relevant inventory used in experiments.
  • Tag significant findings to instantly share with other account users.

Inventory Tracking and Document Management:

The GoInformatics platforms provide a simple and intuitive inventory and document management system. Our system keeps your inventory and documents centralized within one system while allowing you to contextualize their importance for projects and experimentation.

  • Configure data capture templates for unique inventory items
  • Associate inventory and files throughout every aspect of the GoInformatics platform
  • Equipment, Room/Lab, Staff management
  • Unrestricted electronic document management
  • Import and export inventory data capture values
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